Only the Scapegoats can save you from the government allowing you to choke!


Hit the link unless you frighten easily…

The only good thing about this is that it confirms my back-of-the-envelope, off-the-cuff, seat-of-the-pants calculations, based on snippets of AMA, ALA, and census data regarding the relation between changes in coal and lung disease morbidity and mortality were pretty accurate. The government said this, so it’s got to be true. As if the mortality part isn’t bad enough, I’m on the hook financially for the morbidity part, since I’m in a tax-exporting state and Medicare and Medicaid pay for most smokestack and tailpipe-sourced irritants. My suggestion is to round up the pedophile priests and their cover-up bishops and put them on hamster wheels to generate power. Talk about pennance!

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Andrew Grell

I am an accidental writer, having camped onto my wife Melody's Masters Degree program in writing. We are in our 50s and live in a park in Manhattan, Stuyvesant Town, with our brandy-new puppy, Cyrus King of Persai.

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