Spooky Strange but Lucky

So.  I had some cards printed up to hand out to friends, neighbors, and the dog park folks; people who were in my corner during the process of getting out the door, or people that may be interested.  Info about the book, Amazon link, that sort of thing.

I met a guy, his son, and their new puppy, Max.  The guy asked about my vape, we had a long talk about vaping, smoking, exercising, and dogs, and then we introduced ourselves and I handed him a card.  The kid’s name was Ronan, and I said it was a good Irish name, and Dad said he was named after Ronan Tynan, one of the three Irish Tenors.  Get ready for the weird bit:  I told him that I had a main character in the book, Siegfried Tynan, who is the fictitious son of Ronan Tynan.  He’s gonna buy the book, don’t you think?

Published by

Andrew Grell

I am an accidental writer, having camped onto my wife Melody's Masters Degree program in writing. We are in our 50s and live in a park in Manhattan, Stuyvesant Town, with our brandy-new puppy, Cyrus King of Persai.

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